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About Our Company

At Neria Coffee, our story is deeply rooted in the vibrant and lush landscapes of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Our founders, natives of this enchanting region, were raised amidst the fragrant coffee plantations that have been in their family for generations. The rich heritage of Sumatra's coffee culture runs through their veins, and their childhood memories are woven with the aroma of freshly harvested coffee beans. Now, residing in Europe, they are determined to share the magic of Sumatran coffee with coffee lovers across the continent. It's not just about coffee for us; it's about preserving the traditions and flavors of our homeland, bringing a piece of Sumatra's soul to your coffee.

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Supply Chain and Sustainability

At Neria, ethical coffee production is at the heart of our mission. We believe in working closely with our farmers in Sumatra, ensuring fair wages and sustainable practices are upheld throughout our supply chain. By engaging directly with the farming communities, we establish long-lasting partnerships built on trust and mutual respect. This commitment to ethical sourcing not only guarantees high-quality coffee but also empowers our farmers and their families. We take pride in knowing that every cup of coffee we deliver to your doorstep embodies our dedication to ethical and sustainable coffee production, a promise we stand by wholeheartedly. 

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